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Sitiva 240gm

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Sitiva™ is a hop blend formulated specifically for use in hazy IPA and other hop-forward beers. Beers brewed with Sitiva™ had a strong expression of ripe stone fruit, sweet floral, and soft peach flavors and aroma, as well as tropical fruit and lime character.

Brewing Application

Sitiva™ is ideal for aroma, whirlpool, and dry hop additions to Hazy and Juicy IPAs, or for any other hoppy styles where a combination of tropical fruit, stone fruit, and citrus-lime aromatics are desired.

Flavor Profile: Peach, Floral, Ripe Mango, Lime

Beer Style Recommendations: Hazy IPA, IPAs, Pale Ale, Session IPA

Usage: Aroma, Late Kettle Addition

Alpha Acid: 7.2-7.6%

Double IPAs